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Your LA County Library - 85 community libraries, an institutional library, and a mobile fleet, plus programs beyond library walls - offers you and your community access to a range of information, ideas, programs, and other resources. 


Public dollars don't cover all the costs of Library programs, so your generosity makes an impact.  When you make a gift, you're investing in your Library, your community, and you.


Investments with great returns

Freedom to read - Books Unbanned Card for California teens

Your freedom to read is a fundamental right.  To help support teenagers ages 13-18 years old in California, LA County Library’s Books Unbanned initiative offers free and unrestricted access to the Library’s entire digital eBook and audiobook collection on Libby, by OverDrive, which includes many frequently-banned titles.  The Books Unbanned card allows 5 check outs at a time and is valid for one year.  Find out more and sign up for a card.

Your donation will support a teen's right to read what they want, learn about themselves and others, and make informed decisions.  You'll also add to the Library's collection - with titles that reflect a range of ideas, information, and experiences.

Curious?  Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

Your gift supports access to a range of books, ideas, information, and other resources.

Celebrating diversity - Cultural Resource Centers

The Library has four cultural gems, each housed in a community library – Black Resource Center; American Indian Resource Center; Asian Pacific Resource Center; and Chicano Resource Center. They're unique to LA County Library: accessible to all - children, teens, and adults - and with resources for the public and academics.


They're essential: antidotes to a fragmented society, where people too often fear difference and lash out with hate.  They are ways to explore and understand race, racism, civil rights, and protest.  They're a place for conversation.  A way to build inclusion and understanding in our community.


Your support is a stand for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Workforce (& community) Development: My Brother’s Keeper Peer Advocates

Peer Advocates (young men and women ages 18-28) work in strategically selected libraries to serve youth of color, especially boys, from high-need communities.  Peer Advocates work within the community (and typically, it’s their own) to educate and engage these youth and their families about Library programs and services.


They sign students up for Library cards, serve as tutors and mentors, and connect them with resources, support, and opportunities for educational and future economic success.


In turn, Peer Advocates develop leadership and career skills and earn a California living wage. Many continue to college or advanced degrees; others find continuing employment within the extensive County system of which they’re part.

We're delighted that Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Uchenna Nwosu is funding a Peer Advocate position at his hometown library in Carson.


Your investment will help fund additional Peer Advocates and strengthen individuals and communities.

Spark creativity, build connection...something for everyone

Cultural, arts, and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) programming are fundamental to each of the Library's locations and the communities they serve.  Students from K-12 create bookmarks in an annual contest that's been running for 44 years, with 20 winning bookmarks distributed throughout the county each year.

The Library's fleet of MākMō maker mobiles (with programs like computer coding, robotics, 3D printing, cardboard construction, and more) are on the road and Library staff is serving up lots of creative STEAM, arts, and cultural programs for you.


Your generosity will help people develop vital skills and creative ways of thinking about real-world challenges.

Reading Matters - Developing Literacy, Building Collections
Reading matters.  Strong readers get higher paying jobs.  They navigate more easily through life.  If a child isn’t reading at grade level by third grade, they probably won’t graduate from high school. And from there, they’ll likely struggle economically.  Too many will end up in the criminal justice system.


Literacy programming at the Library start early – with babies, toddlers, and their adults (think Smarty Pants Storytime) – and they focus on hooking school age children on reading.  They don’t stop there.  Programs, including the wildly popular Summer Discovery, target reluctant and first time readers of any age; they engage English learners and older adults, and they keep people of all ages reading and exploring and connected.

Books - print and electronic - are always needed. One type is read-along books for new readers, reluctant readers, kids reading below grade level, English learners, and even adults.  They’re especially needed in library communities with low literacy rates.  Ebooks and audiobooks are also in demand.

Your gift will help develop a reader, and open up new worlds.


Bridging the digital divide - Building Skills for 21st Century Success

Job seekers say the Library is a life-saver. With one-on-one help with resumes and cover letters, resources for locating and landing jobs.  Students and older adults say they love the connection.  Internet.  Computers.  Printing.  A safe place with easy access to information and helpful resources.  All of it free.

Your Library is meeting the need - creatively and effectively.  There's parking lot Wi-Fi, laptop loans, digital literacy programs, tech support, and a range of online courses and databases.

Your generous donation will help provide crucial access and support.

Thank you to YOU, Library Champion - generous individual donors and  foundation, civic, and business supporters.

Interested in making a significant gift or a sponsorship?

Get in contact with Andrea Carroll, Executive Director at 562.940.4189 or by email.


LA County Library Foundation is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Tax Identification Number: 95-3766899.

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