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There's no place like home.  Artist unknown.

Thankful for you, Library Champion!

Thankful for your love, commitment, and generosity for your Library.  That's the theme of November's newsletter.

You and your fellow Library Champions brighten so many lives with your caring and support - a child's, a teen's, an adult's...our community.

You make a positive difference - from fiercely supporting a basic value, your freedom to read, to participating in programs and encouraging others to use the Library, to sharing your hopes, needs, and desires with Library staff so they can shape programs and resources to serve you.


As Dorothy famously said in the Wizard of Oz, "There's no place like home." And in this month's My Library Story, short and sweet, M.E. says what you may also feel - your Library is a second home.

In our LA County Library system of 86 libraries, second in number only to New York City, we delight in each of these unique community places, our second homes.

I hope you'll enjoy this month's Virtual Field Trip - transporting you to Huntington Park Library, home to the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC).

The AIRC is center stage this month - Native American Heritage Month - celebrating the cultures, contributions, and heritage of Native Americans.  This is a great time to read a new author, listen to a Native voice tell their story, and learn more about our state from indigenous peoples.

Like its three sister cultural resource centers, the AIRC is a happening place all year long.  Your Library has lots on offer - with curated booklists for all ages, and about a range of topics, including American Indian experiences and titles for children and teens. 


Wishing you joy in this season of thanks giving. And thanking you, Library Champion, for helping make your LA County Library a second home for so many.

Check out My Library Story.   What's yours? We want to know!  Email us.

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Thank You!

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