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Your February newsletter is here.  In time for a blizzard in our usually sunny Southern California.  And chock full of information, activities, and recommended reads for African American and Black History Month.  Enjoy!  And there's more...

  • Take a Virtual Field Trip to the Library's Black Resource Center.  And be sure to schedule time to head there in person.  Whether you're writing a scholarly article or just want to find out about some of the incredible people who have shaped our communities, the Black Resource Center will delight.


  • Cheers!  That's the theme of this month's My Library Story.  Jill P calls her Westlake Village Library her own personal Cheers, a place where staff welcome her and fellow Library Champions.

  • Plus history buffs are in for a treat with the Library's digital archives.  And teens and adults looking for romance reads, check out the staff's suggested reads.

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