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May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. Enjoy a virtual film festival, DIY activities, books, and more.

This month's newsletter is about innovation, inspiration, hope, kindness, resiliency. It's about how the Library is helping the frontline. It's about you and your support and how together, we're making our community better and stronger.

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We're sharing some of your Library stories. Thank you for making these times brighter!


The vote is love your ebooks and audio books...and for a bunch of reasons:

"Thanks to the LA County library having such a diverse collection, I'm usually able to indulge just about anything I find myself curious about. 


     As a bibliophile, over the years I found myself unable to physically move my extensive collection of physical books so the digital library and eZine options are are godsend...I hope that provides some insight into an "essential service" that continues to bring me joy (and sanity!) despite the disruptions we are facing today.  Mahalo and stay safe. - Noriko W.

     In recent weeks, we have started using the e-audio books on Overdrive for the first time The service has been invaluable and enjoyable!  My child has enough visual screen time for distance learning with teachers and related coursework, so we opted for in-home listening of the e-audio books on weekends....This week, I introduced him to Harry Potter.  He is also a long time fan of the Gerenomio Stilton series and the narrator is excellent!  On occasion, we have also borrowed the e-videos for family nights. Thank you again for sustaining our community. - Grace M.

     During normal time I would indulge in a weekly visit to the library to resupply with books, or just soak in the feeling of being among books while browsing for something interesting.

Since the lockdown started, I have both read and listened to a slew of books. I especially appreciate having an audio book going while I take my daily walk. And if the weather is not too walking-inducive - rainy, or too hot - the prospect of the book is what guarantees to get me out. - Ioana M.

     OverDrive is amazing! I have always preferred a hard copy book. Safer at home has brought an unexpected benefit - more time to read, and so many cozy eBook mysteries at my finger tips. I average one book a day.  It keeps me calm in these unique times. - Hilary S. P.

     I was very fortunate that I had 10 books being held for me the Friday before the stay at home orders went into place.  I just recently started reading again and it's been really convenient to pickup books at Wiseburn.  I'm actually looking forward to getting through as many of these as I can and filling my down time with some extra reading.  My wife prefers audio books and she's been using the web service to find her favorites.  Myself, my wife, and kids all enjoy the library. - Jeff M.

     Currently, I am using the service to borrow audio books and download them on my phone (using OverDrive), and listen to them during my daily walks. Having the audio-books motivates me to take my daily walks since I look forward to continue on my "reading." - Rozita M.

...and a lot of you are looking ahead to when the Library reopens.

     I love my LA County library!  Several years ago I started a quest to read every book on a list I found of the 100 Greatest Novels Ever.  It has taken me years, and the books are not always easy to find!  I struggled until I started requesting them through my local library in Duarte. What a gift! 


It is so easy and quick to request the next book on my list, and it is so fun to get the email that my book is waiting for me. It is like a little gift to see my book on the shelf with my name sticking out. - Meredith L.

Stay tuned...we'll keep posting your stories. We're overflowing with them. Thank you!



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