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Why does LA County Library matter?


  • LA County Library brings people together, solves community problems, and provides access to a lifetime of of charge.


  • Your library welcomes everyone – toddlers, teens, struggling readers, school kids of all ages, families, the homeless, older adults, veterans.


  • Reading matters. Strong readers get higher paying jobs. And if a child isn’t reading at grade level in third grade, they probably won’t graduate high school…or achieve future success.


  • LA County Library – your library – enriches and empowers people’s lives.

Don’t my taxes pay for the Library?


  • Library programs and services cost a lot. And public funds don’t cover it all. That’s why your gift to the Library Foundation matters. You help bridge the gap.



Your tax-deductible gift to LA County Library Foundation is an investment.


  • Studies show that a $1 investment in libraries returns $4 or more to your community.


The nonprofit LA County Library Foundation raises funds and creates partnerships that strengthen and support LA County Library.

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