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You're invited to join the largest book club in L.A.

One Book, One County is here!  A community reading program for Summer 2024 that celebrates collaboration, education, and conversation across our county and emphasizes the power of connected libraries to create connected communities.

That's 18 unique library systems and 204 unique libraries and communities!

Reading a single book, LA Weather by Maria Amparo Escandón.


What's so special about this?  Instead of one book for one library system, all 9.8 million County residents are invited to read one book together.  With programming from this amazing network of 18 library systems throughout the county.


The read -- by LA's largest book club -- concludes with an author talk and family festival on July 27th at Gloria Molina Park.  Grab your book from LA County Library and go!

Want to do even more?  Join us as a sponsor and get marvelous benefits and promotion in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands...not to mention the 500+ who will attend the festival at Gloria Molina Park.


LITERATI - $10,000

all the benefits below, plus

  • Invitation to private VIP author reception for 6

  • Thank you in video recording of author talk and festival at Gloria Molina Grand Park

  • Recognition on print poster at 85 libraries & in Library newsletter

  • Thank you in digital ads & Library social media*

  • Email to 500K LA County Library e-subscribers citing sponsorship


all the benefits below, plus

  • Invitation to private VIP author reception for 4

  • Signage in LA County libraries

  • Thank you in LA County Library Foundation 2024 Impact Report


  • all the benefits below, plus

  • Thank you in LA County Library newsletter & LA County Library Foundation newsletter


  • Logo on LA County Library One Book One County web page

  • Signage at Gloria Molina Grand Park event

  • Thank you on LA County Library Foundation website

* Library social media reach: 106K followers on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook


Participating Library Systems:

Alhambra Civic Center Library, Altadena Public Library, Arcadia Public Library, Beverly Hills Public Library, Burbank Public Library, Calabasas Public Library, Commerce Public Library, Covina Public Library, Glendale Library, Glendora Public Library, Irwindale Public Library, LA County Library, Los Angeles, Public Library, Long Beach Public Library, Monterey Park Bruggemeyer Library, Santa Clarita Public Library, Santa Monica Public Library

Ready to sponsor?  Curious to know more?  Call or email

Andrea Carroll, Executive Director


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