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Images: LA County Library/Digital History; Monica Almeida

From LA County Library's first librarian, Celia Gleason in 1912, to community librarians today (at Maywood Cesar Chavez and A C Bilbrew libraries), librarians and Library workers make a difference!

Your stories about librarians and library workers who make a difference

"When I was young, I spent many hours in my library.  I read shelves-full of books.  I attended film screenings and other programming. I entered every contest.  I participated in the summer reading program, where I was competitive with my best friends to see who could read the most books. 


I was engaged in my library because the library staff created all this programming that kept me interested.  As an adult, I still engage in library programming that brings me together with others in my community.  And more recently, these clever librarians have brought programming to my home via online programming. 


Thank you librarians for continuing to make my library a place where my community gathers and helps me with my goal of 'always learning'."

Laura B.

Claremont, CA

"For as long as I have been a patron of Culver City LA County Library i have been aware of Pat Cole’s helpful attitude. She is a dedicated librarian and I am pleased to honor her service."

Lynn B.

Culver City, CA

"I am so appreciative of our Diamond Bar's children's librarian, Yu Ting Lin.  Several weeks ago, I was getting ready to go to Hawaii with my family, including my 3 1/2 year old granddaughter.  I went into our Children's section and met Ms Lin; I explained to her that I wanted to get some picture books on Hawaii as I thought it would be appropriate to read them to my granddaughter before we left and actually read them  in Hawaii too.  Ms Lin was so helpful - she immediately found me 2 books and then requested one additional one.    It was terrific to have her enthusiastic help."

Nancy L.

Diamond Bar, CA

"Amy Crow at the Claremont branch of LACounty library is a star!  During the 2019 summer before covid, she came out to our retirement community for months to teach us how to use the digital library, esp. audiobooks.  When covid put us into public health lockdowns we still had our books, and that really helped us weather the storm.  Thanks, Amy!"

Pia M.

Claremont, CA

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