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With you, the Library Foundation is 40 years strong. Thank you!

Your Library is essential. And so are the librarians and library staff who power your Library every day.

Your support is essential, too.


This is your chance to honor a librarian or library worker who went above and beyond to help you or a family member. 

Share your Librarian story and, if you can, make a gift  - of $40 or $400 or whatever you can in this 40th anniversary year. Your gift matters.

  • What difference has a librarian made in your life? 

  • How has  a librarian made your day better? 

Share your story!


It can be from your childhood, from another library system, from another state or country.


We'll post your story on our website and share it with Library staff. Like you, we love librarians and library staff!

Thank you Library Champion!

Honor a library worker. Share your Librarian story.

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